Our goal is to reinforce the fact that every person, no matter what the colour of their skin, is beautiful.

We are a team of dedicated people both full-time, part-time and volunteers who work hard every single day to bring about a change in attitude and behaviour.

The Dark Is Beautiful campaign is a revolution, not a one-time event.


What is Colourism?

Discrimination based on skin colour, or colourism is a form of prejudice or discrimination in which human beings are treated differently based on the social meanings attached to skin color.

Colorism is a term coined by Alice Walker in 1982. Unlike racism, colorism is the dependence of social status on skin color alone. In order for a form of discrimination to be considered colorism, differential treatment must not result from racial categorization, but from the social values associated with skin color.

Colorism can be found specifically in parts of Africa, Southeast Asia, East Asia, India, Latin America, and the United States.

The abundance of colorism is a result of the global prevalence of “pigmentocracy,” a term recently adopted by social scientists to describe societies in which wealth and social status are determined by skin color.

Source: Discrimination Based On Skin Colour


Dark is Beautiful is an awareness campaign launched in 2009 by Women Of Worth to challenge the belief that the value and beauty of people (in India and worldwide), is determined by the fairness of their skin.

Dark Is Beautiful celebrates the beauty and diversity of all skin tones.

It seeks to draw attention to the unjust effects of skin colour bias, shaped by societal attitudes and reinforced by media messages and that is corroding the self-worth of countless people, young and old.

Start A Drive To End Colour Bias

Inspire and instigate change and stop biased messages in advertising by starting an awareness drive today at your campus, work place, or city.

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